In this workshop we help you to do project management RIGHT. The main goal is to answer questions like these:

  • How to make the project management professional and develop high quality products?
  • How to be cost and time efficient?
  • How to organize your team and plan your project right?
  • How to set reachable goals for the project? (MVP, milestones, releases)

We know that each project is different! For this reason we will focus on your specific project.

Responsible partner company
apicore engineering UG,

What we need before the workshop starts?
What do we need before the workshop begins?
We appreciate your time, which is why we would like to prepare for the consultation. For this reason, we need to define your focus field before the meeting and get some relevant information, questions or specified problems from your side.
For example:
“What are your main problems in your actual project?”
“What is the goal of your project?”
“How many members do you have in your project?”

Agenda points
During the workshop we discuss your previously pointed topics. Make suggestions on how to reach your goals and solve your issues.
Optional topics in addition:

  • Introduction of project management principles
  • Analyse your project and your goals
  • Analyse your main problems
  • Solution proposal(s)

How can we help after the consultation?
If you need further consultation, we can schedule another workshop.
If you need us to solve the defined issues/taks, we can also do that for you!
Set up a new workshop with the responsible partner company.
You can discuss the work packages, time plans, fees and contract details. We are here to help you!