Responsible partner company
graypes GmbH,

What we need before the consulting?
We value your time and we would like to come prepared for this consultation. So please, therefore, help us having a mutual knowledge and understanding by:

  1. Registering on graypes for FREE at so we can have your business profile. 
  2. Reading this about graypes:
  3. Sending an email with the meeting participants, LinkedIn profile and Role

Agenda points
The workshop agenda points are the next:

  • Introduction and presentation of the 5 main graypes services (50 minutes)
  • Definition and answer on the three main key questions (40 minutes): 
    • Know your Business
    • Know your Customers
    • Know your Needs
  • HOW to access the biggest network of Innovators and Entrepreneurs (30 minutes)
  • HOW to evaluate the winning Business Plan cases (30 minutes)

What will happen after the consulting?
The main outcomes of this first introduction consulting will be:
Deliverable presenting your main Business Competitive Advantages, Your Key Customers, Your main Needs.

How can we help after the consultation?
One-Month FREE access to all graypes services