In this workshop we discuss your problems, goals, ideas and propose possible solutions. We help you to improve your base IT infrastructure, your efficiency and your way of work.
Example topics: Email Service, Website Hosting, Server Configuration, Backups, Remote Access, Tooling

Responsible partner company
apicore engineering UG,

What do we need before the workshop begins?
We appreciate your time, which is why we would like to prepare for the consultation. For this reason, we need to define your focus field before the meeting and get some relevant information, questions or specified problems from your side.

For example:
“I have issues with my IT infrastructure. The server is down in the most of the time. How can I solve it?”
“I need remote access to my PC.”
“I would like to have a more secure network with a firewall and VPN tunnel.“
“I need help in DevOps.”

Agenda points
During the workshop we discuss your previously pointed questions and topics.
suggestions on how to reach your goals and solve your issues.
Optional topics in addition:

  1. What are your business goals/issues?
  2. IT Security and data protection
  3. Tool suggestions for your work
  4. Solution proposals for your problems
  5. Basic suggestions for project management, software development and DevOps

How can we help after the consultation?
If you need further consultation, we can schedule another workshop.
If you need us to solve the defined issues/tasks, we can also do that for you! Set up a new workshop with the responsible partner company. You can discuss the work packages, time plans, fees and contract details. We are here to help you!