In this workshop we guide you through software development principles and help you to make a software development plan for your project. We also help you to adapt the best fitting software development methods to your project. You can learn what is the project value behind the following words: CI/CD, unit testing, code coverage, DevOps, agile software development, MVP, …

Responsible partner company
apicore engineering UG,

What do we need before the workshop begins?
We appreciate your time, which is why we would like to prepare for the consultation. For this reason, we need to define your focus field before the meeting and get some relevant information, questions or specified problems from your side.

For example:
“We, at … company would like to speak with an expert in DevOps/Backend Web Development/WebApp Development field. In our project we have a problem with  .” “We would like to know how to apply CI and CD in our project.“
“Our goal is to develop a new “Software as a Solution” product, but we don’t know how to start the development.”
“We need support in development planning and concept creation.”
“We have some specific question like: …”

Agenda points

During the workshop we discuss your previously pointed topics. Make  suggestions on how to reach your goals and solve your issues.
Optional topics in addition:

  • We evaluate your software needs and goals.
  • We make a software development concept draft based on your needs.
  • We evaluate your actual development process and improve it, if it’s possible.
  • We evaluate your actual software development results and give you a honest feedback. (for example: investment/result index)
  • We work out a concept, how to reach your goals with the given budget.
  • We speak about our experiences in software development:
    • How to develop an Android/iOS mobile application?
    • How to develop a WebApp or a Cross Platform App?
    • We tell you what is the project value behind the following words: CI/CD, unit testing, code coverage, DevOps, agile software development, MVP …

What will happen after the consulting?
Ideally we will have clearly defined issues and a ToDo list about the tasks and next steps. These proposals will help you to work on your issues or goals. Of course you can also hire us to work on these issues/tasks. In that case, set up a new workshop, where we can discuss the work packages, time plan, fees and contract.

How can we help after the consultation?
If you need further consultation, we can schedule another workshop.
If you need us to solve the defined issues/tasks, we can also do that for you! Set up a new workshop with the responsible partner company. You can discuss the work packages, time plans, fees and contract details. We are here to help you!